Turnbull Blames State Governments for Crisis

Sydney Morning Herald by Tom McIlroy

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has lashed the states and territories for what he has called a looming energy crisis, saying they had “locked up” resources and favoured lucrative overseas exports, leaving families facing shortages.

Mr Turnbull has summoned energy industry bosses to Canberra on Wednesday. Ahead of the crisis talks, he warned the federal government retains significant powers over exports, and could intervene further in coming months.

“It is not acceptable for Australia – shortly to become the world’s largest exporter of liquefied natural gas – to not have enough gas for its own families and its own businesses,” Mr Turnbull said.

As the federal government’s anger over South Australia’s plan to go it alone in energy policy grows, Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg demanded state governments follow a federal lead to ensure homes and businesses aren’t left without adequate gas supply.

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