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Victoria warned of critical gas famine

Victoria warned of critical gas famine Reported by the Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA) 05/12/16 Victoria has been warned it will need substantially more gas to provide a secure long-term electricity supply for the State, as new evidence emerges of growing concerns around its current main source of gas. The warning says the State has less than a 10-year window to get its gas supply books in order –… Read Article →

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Gas bans a risk to Victorian energy security: APGA

energy security threatened by Victorian Gas ban: APGA As reported by the Australian Pipeliner, 23rd November, 2016. Victoria’s decision to move ahead with legislating a permanent ban on unconventional gas extraction is extremely disappointing and risks the State’s economic future, said the Australian Pipeline and Gas Association (APGA). At a time when increasing the proportion of natural gas in our national energy mix would do much to cut Australia’s carbon… Read Article →


Can frac-ing cause peoples’ water supplies to contain gas?

Can frac-ing cause peoples’ water supplies to contain gas? This myth is largely attributable to a falsehood knowingly presented in the move ‘Gasland’, where a Colorado man sets fire to the gas-water mix coming out of his kitchen tap. Colorado officials have confirmed that the man’s water bore was itself drilled into a naturally occurring pocket of natural gas (a fact that was known to, but not disclosed by, the… Read Article →

What is the Victorian Government doing?

What is the Victorian Government doing? The Victorian Government has proposed legislation to completely ban ‘unconventional’ petroleum exploration and hydraulic stimulation onshore in Victoria and to prohibit ‘conventional’ exploration until at least 2020. As part of the legislation the Government is retrospectively changing the law so that it is not liable for damages it is causing by its actions. The Government is planning to take away the property rights of… Read Article →