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Shell boss states that gas ban will cost jobs

Shell boss states: “gas ban will cost jobs” As reported by The Australian 06/12/16 According to Shell managing director Mr. Andrew Smith, Victoria’s businesses will pay more for gas if the onshore exploration gas ban continues, which will put Victorian jobs at risk. Mr. Andrew Smith of Shell stated after meeting with Australia’s industry heavyweights held with Industry Minister Greg Hunt in Melbourne that gas would become more expensive while state… Read Article →

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Gas bans a risk to Victorian energy security: APGA

energy security threatened by Victorian Gas ban: APGA As reported by the Australian Pipeliner, 23rd November, 2016. Victoria’s decision to move ahead with legislating a permanent ban on unconventional gas extraction is extremely disappointing and risks the State’s economic future, said the Australian Pipeline and Gas Association (APGA). At a time when increasing the proportion of natural gas in our national energy mix would do much to cut Australia’s carbon… Read Article →

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How big are the banned onshore Victorian gas resources?

How big are the onshore Victorian gas resources that are banned? Lakes Oil NL has, without incident, carried out extensive and expensive onshore exploration programmes since the 1990’s. Building upon their programmes since 2012, the company has been ready to move to commercial production of their gas resources. Letters of Intent were in place for the purchase of gas from their Wombat gas field; the first field proposed for development… Read Article →