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Victoria warned of critical gas famine

Victoria warned of critical gas famine Reported by the Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA) 05/12/16 Victoria has been warned it will need substantially more gas to provide a secure long-term electricity supply for the State, as new evidence emerges of growing concerns around its current main source of gas. The warning says the State has less than a 10-year window to get its gas supply books in order –… Read Article →

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How big are the banned onshore Victorian gas resources?

How big are the onshore Victorian gas resources that are banned? Lakes Oil NL has, without incident, carried out extensive and expensive onshore exploration programmes since the 1990’s. Building upon their programmes since 2012, the company has been ready to move to commercial production of their gas resources. Letters of Intent were in place for the purchase of gas from their Wombat gas field; the first field proposed for development… Read Article →