Shell boss states that gas ban will cost jobs

Shell boss states: “gas ban will cost jobs”

As reported by The Australian 06/12/16

According to Shell managing director Mr. Andrew Smith, Victoria’s businesses will pay more for gas if the onshore exploration gas ban continues, which will put Victorian jobs at risk.

Mr. Andrew Smith of Shell stated after meeting with Australia’s industry heavyweights held with Industry Minister Greg Hunt in Melbourne that gas would become more expensive while state governments ban exploration of new reserves.

Andrew Smith further stated: “In particular, Victorian businesses will pay more for gas, and jobs will be lost, because the government has banned gas exploration without any scientific basis,” Mr Smith said.

“Successive state governments, both Labor and Coalition, in Victoria and NSW have stifled the development of new gas supply despite scientific evidence it can be safely extracted,” he said.

“A majority of Australia’s population will pay for this in their energy bills going forward.”

Read more at The Australian here.


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