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Gas shortages force out Australia’s largest wool producer

Gas shortages affect Australia’s largest domestic wool producer As reported by Cameron Best, ABC. December 2nd, 2016 Several suppliers to Victorian Wool Processors at Laverton North are now struggling to meet the necessary gas demands for wool due to Victoria’s gas supply shortages. A required 110,000 gigajoules of gas is needed to heat and treat the 12,000 tonnes of wool the company manufactures each year. The company’s general manager, David Richie… Read Article →

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How bad is the Government’s retrospective legislation?

How bad is the Government’s retrospective legislation? The proposed retrospective legislation is severe and oppressive. It reflects poorly on Victoria, and potentially Australia, raising issues of sovereign risk. Companies, especially Lakes Oil NL, have made decisions based upon what the law is and will be massively disadvantaged if the law is changed in the way proposed by Government. The purpose of the Government’s retrospective legislation is to escape liability for… Read Article →

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How big are the banned onshore Victorian gas resources?

How big are the onshore Victorian gas resources that are banned? Lakes Oil NL has, without incident, carried out extensive and expensive onshore exploration programmes since the 1990’s. Building upon their programmes since 2012, the company has been ready to move to commercial production of their gas resources. Letters of Intent were in place for the purchase of gas from their Wombat gas field; the first field proposed for development… Read Article →


Can frac-ing cause peoples’ water supplies to contain gas?

Can frac-ing cause peoples’ water supplies to contain gas? This myth is largely attributable to a falsehood knowingly presented in the move ‘Gasland’, where a Colorado man sets fire to the gas-water mix coming out of his kitchen tap. Colorado officials have confirmed that the man’s water bore was itself drilled into a naturally occurring pocket of natural gas (a fact that was known to, but not disclosed by, the… Read Article →

What is the Victorian Government doing?

What is the Victorian Government doing? The Victorian Government has proposed legislation to completely ban ‘unconventional’ petroleum exploration and hydraulic stimulation onshore in Victoria and to prohibit ‘conventional’ exploration until at least 2020. As part of the legislation the Government is retrospectively changing the law so that it is not liable for damages it is causing by its actions. The Government is planning to take away the property rights of… Read Article →

Truth of fraccing

The Inconvenient Truth

What is the Truth? The truth is that exploration activities, properly regulated as they are in Victoria, are totally safe, whether conventional or unconventional in nature. Community anxiety, to the extent it exists, has been stirred up by fanciful stories about possible problems with: • Hydraulic stimulation (frac-ing), based mainly upon blatant falsehoods in the movie ‘Gasland’. Journalist, Pelim McAleer, has documented the deceit of Gasland and its creator, Josh… Read Article →