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 Energy crisis risk? It’s criminal

Terrific Article by Robert Gottliebsen, The Australian Business columnist, Melbourne @BGottliebsen I have a shock for any politician, public servant or political advisor found by the courts to be misleading the public about the dangers of their power and gas policies — they can be jailed. Back in 1995 the parliament of the day passed legislation that they hoped would never be necessary against ministers of the crown. I have been… Read Article →

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Melbourne wool processor fears soaring gas prices will wipe out this year’s profits

Reported by ABC, by Clint Jasper A Melbourne-based wool processor says soaring gas prices are likely to wipe out any profits it will make this year. Laverton North-based Victorian Wool Processors was almost forced to close its doors before Christmas, as it desperately searched for a company to supply it gas. A last-minute contract means the company has remained open and the company’s 35 staff remain on the payroll. But… Read Article →

Turnbull Blames State Governments for Crisis

Sydney Morning Herald by Tom McIlroy Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has lashed the states and territories for what he has called a looming energy crisis, saying they had “locked up” resources and favoured lucrative overseas exports, leaving families facing shortages. Mr Turnbull has summoned energy industry bosses to Canberra on Wednesday. Ahead of the crisis talks, he warned the federal government retains significant powers over exports, and could intervene further in coming… Read Article →

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Irrational Taboos Keeps Us In Dark

Herald Sun, as reported by Terry McCann. We’ve seen such things before — irrational taboos on everything from fish and pigs to uranium and genetically modified crops. The Nuer people of Sudan and Bena Bena of Papua New Guinea, for instance, would go hungry rather than eat chickens or eggs. Tasmanian Aborigines starved rather than catch scaled fish, a taboo brought in some 4000 years ago and not shared by… Read Article →


Gas Market in Crisis

As reported by The Australian Financial Review, Matthew Stevens: The Australian gas market is fulfilling the competition regulator’s “worst fears” as both producers and customers struggle to cope with the new realities forced by the $70 billion investment in the transformation of the east coast industry from marginal domestic supplier to globally significant energy exporter. “The outlook for gas supply is now even worse than it was a year ago;… Read Article →

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Gippsland and Otway combined 27 Trillion of Gas

The Victorian Labor government’s proposed ban on gas ­exploration will shut off gas reserves big enough to supply the east coast of Australia’s gas needs for almost 40 years. Victoria’s Gippsland and Otway Basins together contain 27 trillion cubic feet of shale and tight gas reserves — more than double the currently identified total for Australia, according to new estimates from Geoscience Australia released yesterday. The Andrews state government, backed… Read Article →

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Plenty of Hot Air in Gas Exploration Row

As reported by Matt Johnston, Herald Sun 3rd February. A report by the Consumer Utilities Advocacy Centre in 2014 revealed that 83% of household have a gas mains connection, and the same report warned of looming price rises because of a new trend of exporting supplies, which means close to 2 million households will face higher prices and higher bills, across income levels and regions. See Herald Sun – Matt Johnson 3-2-17

Victoria must remove ban on conventional gas operations

Article by APPEA: Claims today by the Victorian Government that its bans on developing new onshore gas resources will not affect gas prices for Victorian customers defy common sense and market realities. “This issue goes beyond the government surrendering to the activists’ fear campaign against hydraulic fracturing,” said APPEA Chief Executive Dr Malcolm Roberts. “The Victorian Government has not just banned fracturing; it has imposed a five year moratorium on… Read Article →


Shell blames Victoria for rising gas prices

As reported by The Financial Review, by Angela Mcdonald-Smith “The head of oil giant Shell’s Australian multibillion-dollar operations has laid the blame for the east coast gas squeeze squarely with the Victorian government, declaring that rising prices caused by the state’s ban on onshore gas will take a direct toll on jobs. “Deflecting criticism that Queensland’s LNG industry is to blame for the difficulties being experienced in the east coast… Read Article →