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Shell blames Victoria for rising gas prices

As reported by The Financial Review, by Angela Mcdonald-Smith “The head of oil giant Shell’s Australian multibillion-dollar operations has laid the blame for the east coast gas squeeze squarely with the Victorian government, declaring that rising prices caused by the state’s ban on onshore gas will take a direct toll on jobs. “Deflecting criticism that Queensland’s LNG industry is to blame for the difficulties being experienced in the east coast… Read Article →

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Lakes Oil sues for $2.7bn over Victorian ban on exploration

Lakes Oil has issued an ASX release advising it has filed an Originating Motion with the Supreme Court of Victoria, reported by Lakes Oil below 07/12/16: The Board of Directors of Lakes Oil NL (Lakes Oil or Company, ASX: LKO) advises that the Company has, with its wholly owned subsidiaries Mirboo Ridge Pty Ltd and Petro Tech Pty Ltd, today filed a Writ in the Supreme Court of Victoria, initiating… Read Article →

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Victoria warned of critical gas famine

Victoria warned of critical gas famine Reported by the Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA) 05/12/16 Victoria has been warned it will need substantially more gas to provide a secure long-term electricity supply for the State, as new evidence emerges of growing concerns around its current main source of gas. The warning says the State has less than a 10-year window to get its gas supply books in order –… Read Article →

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Minerals Council slams Victorian Government Ban

Minerals Council slams Victorian Government Ban The Minerals Council of Australia has recently slammed the Andrews Government’s nonsensical moratorium on onshore natural gas exploration, stating it was an “anti-science” decision that will cost jobs and investment in regional Victoria. The Minerals Council executive director, Gavin Lind said Victoria’s “regressive” energy policies and “antiquated approvals processes” were sending a chill through the entire Victorian mining industry. “Despite Victoria’s minerals prospectivity, the state’s international… Read Article →


Shell boss states that gas ban will cost jobs

Shell boss states: “gas ban will cost jobs” As reported by The Australian 06/12/16 According to Shell managing director Mr. Andrew Smith, Victoria’s businesses will pay more for gas if the onshore exploration gas ban continues, which will put Victorian jobs at risk. Mr. Andrew Smith of Shell stated after meeting with Australia’s industry heavyweights held with Industry Minister Greg Hunt in Melbourne that gas would become more expensive while state… Read Article →

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Gas bans a risk to Victorian energy security: APGA

energy security threatened by Victorian Gas ban: APGA As reported by the Australian Pipeliner, 23rd November, 2016. Victoria’s decision to move ahead with legislating a permanent ban on unconventional gas extraction is extremely disappointing and risks the State’s economic future, said the Australian Pipeline and Gas Association (APGA). At a time when increasing the proportion of natural gas in our national energy mix would do much to cut Australia’s carbon… Read Article →

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Gas shortages force out Australia’s largest wool producer

Gas shortages affect Australia’s largest domestic wool producer As reported by Cameron Best, ABC. December 2nd, 2016 Several suppliers to Victorian Wool Processors at Laverton North are now struggling to meet the necessary gas demands for wool due to Victoria’s gas supply shortages. A required 110,000 gigajoules of gas is needed to heat and treat the 12,000 tonnes of wool the company manufactures each year. The company’s general manager, David Richie… Read Article →