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The Benefits of Natural Gas

The Benefits of Natural Gas

  • Natural gas is the most abundant, readily available hydrocarbon
  • Gas burns cleaner than coal (<½ CO2 emissions)
  • Gas is the best “transition fuel” to bridge the gap between coal dependence and the most logical switch to renewables.
  • It was first discovered in Australia in a water bore near Roma in 1900
  • The first major east coast gas developments commenced in the mid 60’s in the Cooper and Gippsland Basins
  • Victoria has the largest reticulated gas network with over 1.1 million connections
  • The east coast gas market is the largest stationary energy provider and is well connected but relies on existing, diminishing sources
  • The commencement of LNG exports is going to stretch the supply capacity. There are significant resources existing onshore in eastern Australia that can solve this issue.


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